Argentina & Uruguay Memories

These pictures and descriptions are a glimpse into these wonderful South American countries.  This was  our first trip for this business.  These stories and pics are for pure enjoyment, nothing else, so please enjoy!

I must say, we certainly don’t lack ‘adventure’.  These were some of Montevideo, Uruguay’s finest, particularly the gentleman in black.  If I remember correctly, his last name was Castro.........

Among others, he went waaaay beyond the call of duty to help us after the stolen passport, etc. fiasco.  You may hear some horror stories about the South American Policia, but we are here to tell you, some of them are wonderful.  Including the American Embassy, all the officers on duty on ‘that shocking night’, their superiors, and especially the young and attentive Mr. Castro, we wish them all and their families the very best.  We consider them extraordinary.

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