A Glimpse of Croatia

The following is by ‘Tomislav Horvat’.  I purchased a Tshirt in a small village, “Motovun” that had this wonderful expression of realness included in the package.   This really touched me and continues to make me smile remembering.............

That country of ours is stunningly beautiful, and yet I know it so very little.  I do respect my country.  I express that love through deeds.  The words alone are so empty.  And the politics is of no interest to me.  I do follow it as much as I need.  I want to know everything that goes on in my own country.

I’m only at the beginning.  I truly believe in a better tomorrow.  I always contemplate that I can do better.  I try to give absolute all of me at my place of work.  I work with my heart and soul.  And every last bit of invested effort has returned multiplied.  I highly respect ambition.  Learning is my choice.  And I don’t want it to ever stop.

I’m hardly home at nights.  Sometimes I’m out till dawn.  Sometimes only till midnight.  Depending on the mood itself.  The outing and company of friends always relaxes me.  Talk, dance, and sometimes a drink or two, cannot do any harm, can it.  Only, keep that drugs away from me.  I despise it.  And my friends I love.  I respect them.  We often go out for coffee.  Whenever I can.  It’d be very hard without them indeed.

I’m happily in love.  Ivana is her name.  I love her.  I want to establish a family.  I dream of five children.  Only if I hadn’t have to think about the way in which to feed them.  It seems to me that love is generally being more and more underestimated.  I’m so sorry about that.  Family is a sacred entity which is not to be touched.  Children are our biggest treasure.  Everything we create stays with them.  And then they create further on.

Our country is so very beautiful.  It is so pleasurable living here.

See you.

Tomislav Horvat”

Croatia, Wow!  An incredible mixture of some of the best of the best.  History, beautiful scenery, architecture, weather, cleanliness, delicious food, interesting people, specialty products, rare finds, cultural norms valuing humanity above money, quaint, safe, secure, attentive toward their children, spectacular 1000 island coastline, parks, respect, pride,  smart..............

All of these things are true and so much more. I’ll try to give Croatia it’s due, but there is much I will miss, please forgive me for what I will surely fail to acknowledge

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