Artists and those who contribute(d)

“Debora V Rakover”

Debora has her own shop in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She is quite talented and very sweet, and a pleasure to do business with.  As you can see, she is  prolific with her wares.  When we return to Argentina, we will most definitely visit her again.  The items we bought were similar to the sculptures you see toward the back left.  These are made of 3 combined metals on Travertine stone resulting in very special works of Art

Fanny had incredible energy.  She was upstairs painting (check out her smock) while her husband worked a deal with us downstairs.  There were many things we would have loved to have walked out of there with, we settled on 3 gorgeous horse ‘ink wash’ drawings.  These were amazing works from this sweet little Artist

This is a very talented Jewelry maker.  He had the purest Rhodochrosite (gems) with the finest silver work we found.  We bought several pieces from him that sold immediately.  He was a pleasure to deal with and had a pleasant spirit about him.  We plan to see him when we return

This couple were set up in the “La Boca” region of Buenos Aires.  She was a mighty tough business lady and there was no getting around it.  He knew to let her handle dealing with me, and should be very proud of her ability.  She was a force to be reckoned with.  We did make a deal, but I had to cut on out of there or else, who knows..............

On our travels, we meet some wonderful people.  This fellow was one of the most memorable we have experienced.  He was so enthusiastic within his job as waiter for this small restaurant in Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay.  He would walk outside mid-sentence and pronounce   ‘Ta Tan Ta Taaannn’....................bringing in whatever business he could.  “JOIE  DE VIVRE” describes his attitude, and what a zest he had.  He wore pin’s people sent him from all over the world, as you can see on the red garment.  We sent him a sparkling Texas boot.  We will never forget him.

Credit needs to go where it is due.  My husband, Joe has far more talent than one single human ought to.  He is talented at so many things, it is difficult for him not to try to do it all.  He is the Photographer behind the wonderful photographs you are seeing, some of which are for sale.  His help toward this business has been and continues to be invaluable.  He works incredibly diligently, yet knows how and when to cut loose and really enjoy ‘smelling the flowers’.  With only so many hours in a day, he accomplishes more than you can imagine

“My Sweetheart”

“Fanny Bergman”

In Montevideo, Uruguay, we hit the ground running and performed major due diligence giving up meals with all the time constraints.   This was the spot we determined was the best to do business.  The Lady knew her stuff and we bargained and bargained again.  She finally wanted us out of there so bad, it was 30 minutes past closing time, that we wore her thin.  It was a good strategy, but we wore ourselves out too.  It was within 15 minutes departing here that my husband and I were ‘played’, and his passport, cash and some credit cards were grabbed by a guy who was  ‘helping’ us locate a good restaurant............but we’re here

We found some beautiful hand made, Artist signed and engraved ‘Argentina’ rings by this gentleman.  He worked with us as best he could, but his wife was running the deals from behind-the-scenes.  These were amazing works, wish we had bought more


“Marcelo Nencini”

His artwork centered around the area, ‘La Boca’, where The Tango dance began.  Colorful, basic and lots of history.  We loved his style and the materials he used.  Acrylic on wood created a beautiful piece of artwork.  We had to have several of the varied colorful pieces, as they were skillfully representative of the area where so much of Buenos Aires history occurred.

“Fabian Roldan”

This gentleman crafted ‘mate’ cups and ‘bombilla’s’ (metal straws) for drinking the Argentine herbal mix that you see locals sipping on all day long, all over Argentina.  We wondered what the herbal mix really consisted of........

She was a very sweet spirit with an absolute talent.  Her paper-mache art pad collages were incredible.  She sketched a picture of the scene from the cover on the inside front page and signed each pad.  We love these and are now sold out.

“Lucrecia Garcia Oqueta”

                    “Marie-Luise Mihovilčević”

The ‘Lavender Lady’ was a real delight to do business with.  She loved her product and said she really enjoyed hand painting each bottle.  HVAR Lavender has benefits deluxe.  If you don’t want to bathe in it or dab on as a fragrance, just read up on the health benefits, they are too numerous to mention.  All Lavender was grown, prepared and sold on HVAR Island of Croatia.

                                “Sonja Šoša”

She was a people magnet.  She had so many friends that kept dropping by, it was nearly impossible to visit very long.  We bought 2 of the Serigraph, Graphic & Watercolors from her shop in HVAR, Croatia.  Her husband, Darko did the actual ArtWork.   She was so incredibly helpful with all her information, and had a wealth of knowledge about a hugh number of things.  I didn’t want to leave.......

       Artist, ‘Aleksandar Ale Guberina’

of Šibenek, Croatia.  He crafted all the Art you see behind him.  He had a very gentle spirit and was so busy creating.   Quite photogenic too.

We bought some incredible Coral from this guy.  To locate this coral was a real trick.  We felt we had been on a major Treasure hunt just to locate the Island, much less the store.  Adriatic Coral is so much deeper than most other coral, far more rare, with supply dwindling at a rapid pace.  Add to that, Adriatic coral is a very controlled commodity.  I keep wavering about keeping the Coral Jewelry I bought in the Safe Deposit box, or giving others the opportunity to enjoy it.  Thus far, I have compromised with keeping some, selling some.  That could change................

                ‘Dedaj Simon’ of Poreč

Handmade Silver Filigree is a dying art in Croatia.  As with so many crafts, the time and talent it takes to create the beautiful, intricate works of Art represented by these pendants, is just too much for the younger generations.  Not that we don’t understand,  it is simply becoming significantly less available each day.

Artist, ‘Marta Pavlinc’ of Grožnjan, Croatia

She had a whimsical, playful and adorable variety of Ceramic goods.  The location of her Boutique, “Keramika Ceramica” was like a storybook fairy tale.  It was a bit remote, up on a picturesque hill, with some very interesting characters & occurrences around.

                        ‘Saša Matjašič’

See the Olive wood in this hand?  This is one very talented guy.  He carves and sculpts incredible works of Art with the wood of Olive Trees.  From Bracelets, to Handrails, to incredibly distinctive works.  He has a sweet, sensitive nature, and we truly enjoyed making his acquaintance.  We see more business in the future with him.

“Vapor Gallery” had some exquisite one-of-a-kind jewelry masterpieces.  I wanted so many more, but loved the 4 pieces I bought the most.  The Artist, ‘Tiho Beara’ of Korčula was the creativity behind these pieces.  Two had Red Adriatic Coral chunks, 2 had Black Adriatic Coral pieces.  I am really proud of these

Argentina/Uruguay Talent

Croatia Talent

Hi, it’s me, Dawn.   With pleasure in mind, Travel is where it is at for my husband Joe, and me.  It is the best mixture of education and adventure I have experienced.  There have never been enough hours in a day, and I now realize there never will be for all the places we would love to visit, or for life in general.   Along with loving travel, I love what is ‘unique-special-indigenous’ to the areas we visit, and the one-of-a-kind specialty items I seek.  Also, the numerous wonderful people we meet who influence our travels exponentially, have added to the richness of our lives.  I love art and find that my quality of life is improved when art is present.  Also, spending time out in nature does wonders for my spirit.   We miss the ‘American friendly’ attitude we used to feel when we traveled, as it has changed, leading us to seek destinations where we feel welcomed.  I consider myself incredibly fortunate while experiencing the adventures we embark upon and I hope you find much you can enjoy within this travel site, as it was created with you in mind!

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